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MAN GEOMAN COLDSET NEWSPAPER PRESS (1995) 9 four high towers, 2 x 2 high towers, MAN pasters, GEOMAN offpress controls, remote control register laterial, Technotrans recirculation, 2 x folders tabloid – broadsheet, quarter fold

Machine Available either as a complete line – Units - Parts

( Ref 700)

GOSS URBANITE COLD SET NEWSPAPER PRESS (circa1982), cuttoff 78mm 4x 3 high towers, 1 x URBANITE folder, 1 x SUBURAN folder, BALDWIN fluid moves, press can produce 4 webs 4/1, products broadsheet, tabloid, ¼ fold, press upgrade 2005 new drive system and drive motors installed commissioned by GOSS

( Ref 679)

Global Web Finishing DRIVELINE Offline Finishing System,  (2014), 625mm cut off, Butler 1500 zero speed spicer- paster, 1020 infeed web guide, EKR 1000 web guides, pneumatic nip roller, variable speed draw roller,touch screen control, variable tension station, BAY WINDOW –TURNER BAR STATION 1 web in- four webs out,1020 scoring module, 1020 Tri-level plough fold station, 1020 box wrap station, 1020 stationery draw roller station 1020 Tri-level plough fold station, 1020 stationery draw roller station,  1020 stationery draw roller station,  overhead bypass cells, 1020 PRO-CARD rotary die cutter, WPM style, 610 Portable PRE-CUTTER, 1000 2 stream driven Shear Slitting station, GWF 24 610 ROTARY DIE CUTTER, with stream table, slow down stacker

(Ref  651 )


MAN Roland Polyman 16 page Heatset Web Offsett machine (2002), 630mm cut off, max web width 965mm, products – broadsheet – tabloid – magazine – double parallel – delta fold, 4 blanket to blanket perfecting units, alcohol dampening, BALWIN refrigeration and recirculation, MEGTEC dual dry TNV dryers, silicone application stations, MEGTEC 4 roll chill stack, upper superstructure – two ribbon decks – two turner bar decks, upper slitter, FOLDER 2:3:3:2, QTI register control system, QTI cut off control, PLANATOL gluing system, VITS ROTOCUT sheeter, Gammerler KL511 compensating stacker, Rima inline trimming station, Muller Martini FORTE compensating stacker, pressmans control desks, pumped ink system, large selection of spare parts included

Operating hours 43.114

(Ref 622)

Jet Web AA013 Twin Stream Stacker (2003), twin infeed conveyors, jogging station, stacking chambers, outfeed to delivery tapes, product length min 105mm, max 315mm, product width min 80mm, max 300mm

(Ref  671)




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