At West Highland Engineering Services we have trained competent in-house management and supervisory personnel to carry out CDM (Construction Design Management) on your behalf.
The nature of our business can mean that there are potential high risk hazards for people on-site. In addition to the very human cost of an accident, there is the loss of time, production, money and reputation to consider. That's why it is of paramount importance that we do all we can to identify and reduce the risk of accidents to your employees and ours, to site visitors, members of the public and other sub-contractors.
We start by working with your health and safety management team to carry out a full risk assessment of each project. This is designed, in association with our very comprehensive safety policies and procedures, to ensure that nobody (as far as is reasonably practicable) is exposed to health and safety risks. This work is carried out by our own specialist qualified safety team, whose sole job it is to carry out risk assessments, provide training and monitor performance. With this in mind, we obviously need full agreement on our proposed system of working the contract. So we first produce a method statement which can be fully discussed and agreed before work begins. And should CDM (Construction Design and Management) regulations apply, we can, if required, complete this task in full.
Increasingly greater emphasis is placed by regulators and clients alike on the scrutiny of accident records of all companies in the service sector; something we very much welcome.





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