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AX Dig IT Year 2018


Automatic sewing machine is a solution design for traditional offset and Digital Printers for sew books in low quantity. Machine with sheet paper in sequence, fold, accumulate and sew the book; is in any case possible use the sew unit as standalone solution. The machine use a rotary feeding system that integrate a creasing and folding in line. The folded sheet is delivered automatically on the accumulate station where it is prepare as operator request like 4 – 8 – 16 section before sew.



Min sheet size


150 x 160

Max sheet size


430 x 640



10.000 Sheet per hour

Max Number of sewing Stitches



Stitch length


19 mm

Electrical Requirement


2.85 Kw

Net Weight


2.000 kg

Space required


2600 x1500 mm

* Production capacity depending on operator skill , material and work condition



Standard Equipment:


Monitor  with touch screen monitor 7”

Sheet Feeder High Speed with creasing & folding integrate

Presetting size adjustments from PLC

Accumulation Units

Station for Hand feeding Signature for Offset

Sewing Machine Automatic








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