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Scheffer Offline Finishing System, 625mm cut off,  Megtec RS5 300-1030-127OLH zero speed paster,  web Guide Unit with QTI Web Guide System,web tensioning unit, angle bar section & slitter unit, four Ribbon

Compensating Unit, remoist gluing unit with plough fold, plough tower with centre slitting and two plough folds, twin cylinder magnetic rotary die cutter, plough tower with wet flap gluer, plough tower, shear

slitting unit with plough fold, rotary cutter unit with TED delivery table, Jet Web Type AA013 Twin-Stream


(Ref 650)

Global Web Finishing DRIVELINE Offline Finishing System,  (2014), 625mm cut off, Butler 1500 zero speed spicer- paster, 1020 infeed web guide, EKR 1000 web guides, pneumatic nip roller, variable speed draw roller,touch screen control, variable tension station, BAY WINDOW –TURNER BAR STATION 1 web in- four webs out, GWF 1020 portable gluing – UV coating station, flood or spot, magnetic plate cylinder upgrade, motorised circumferential and lateral register, on the run adjustment plate and impression cylinder, quick release doctor tray, recirculating tank and pump, OXYTECH 106 UV curing – drying system,300 metres per minute, 2 lamps,1020 scoring module, 1020 Tri-level plough fold station, 1020 box wrap station, 1020 stationery draw roller station 1020 Tri-level plough fold station, 1020 stationery draw roller station,  1020 stationery draw roller station,  overhead bypass cells, 1020 PRO-CARD rotary die cutter, WPM style, 610 Portable PRE-CUTTER, 1000 2 stream driven Shear Slitting station, GWF 24 610 ROTARY DIE CUTTER, with stream table, slow down stacker

(Ref 651)




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