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Eight Colour Presses


Heidelberg XL 106 8 P 18K (2014),with cuttstar, Combistar, Filterstar, Powderstar AP 500 Duo, Cleanstar, Airstar, Staticstar, Wallscreen hardware, Autoplate Xl, Inpress control with 2 bar measuring bars.



Six Colour Presses


Roland R 306 PP HOB (1996), 500mm x 740mm with CCI (SSD & Flash Memory), Rolandmatic damping, Technotrans refrigeration and recirculation, QAPC (Quick action plate clamps), CARTON DEVICE, Auto Blanket Washers, CIP3 prepared, Weko Wekotron Powder Spray, IVT IR Dryer, Steel Plate in Feeder & Delivery, High Pile Delivery, Perfecting (6 + 0 : 1 + 5 : 2 + 4)



Five Colour Presses


Heidelberg PM 52 5 (2006),  circa 82 million impressions, 370mmx520mm, With Classic Centre, Alcolor, Baldwin refrigeration & recirculation, EASYPLATE, Auto Roller & Blanket Washers, Grafix Powder Spray, Low Pile Delivery, + Version (Gearing for N+P), 13000 SPH,


Ryobi 525H XXP (2004). 365 x 520mm, PSC-H, Ryobimatics, Royce refrigeration and recirculation, SAPC, powder spray, ACC blanket and roller wash, Operator panel on delivery


Four Colour Presses


Ryobi 524H (1996), 365mm x520mm, With PCS off Press Controls, Ryobimatic Dampening, ECO 25 refrigeration & recirculation, Quick action plate clamps, Powder Spray


KBA Rapida 74-4+L ALV1 (2003), 520 x 740mm, With Colortronic control console, Varidamp, Baldwin refrigeration & recirculation, Semi-automatic plate change (PWHA), Automatic Ink Rollers & Blanket Washing-Ups, Coating unit  with chamber doctor blade system, Ionization (Kersten), Powder spray Weko AP 260, Extended delivery 936mm, Grafix IR dryer, Steel Plate in Feeder & Delivery


One Colour Presses


Sakurai Oliver 66 (1986), stream feeder, standard conventional cloth dampening, power spray device, gearing for numbering and perforating.


Direct Mail - Digital Equipment


Hunkeler Processing Line (2003), UW4 unwinding station, turner bar station, UB4 HV buffer station, CS4 cutting – sheeting station, LS4 stacking station, TB4 stack delivery table



Hunkeler Processing Line (2002), UW4 unwinding station, slitting station turner bar station, to buffer station or to RW4 station, UB4 HV buffer station, CS4 cutting – sheeting station, LS4 stacking station, TB4 stack delivery table


Hunkeler CS 4 W (2001), Cutting and Sheeting Station

(Ref 644)


Hunkeler RW4 unwinding station (2001)

(Ref 642)


DUPLO 3500 (2010) 3500 material range 60-300gsm,max sheet size 320 x 460mm, min sheet size 148 x 210mm, max book size 320 x 230 mm, min book size 148 x 85mm, sheet feeder, stitching station, trimming station


Duplo Creaser DC 445 (2010), max sheet size 370 x 480mm, min sheet size 48 x 85mm stock range 110 – 350 gsm, max sheets per min 45


Web Offset Machinery


MAN Roland Polyman 16 page Heatset Web Offsett machine (2002), 630mm cut off, max web width 965mm, products – broadsheet – tabloid – magazine – double parallel – delta fold, 4 blanket to blanket perfecting units, alcohol dampening, BALWIN refrigeration and recirculation, MEGTEC dual dry TNV dryers, silicone application stations, MEGTEC 4 roll chill stack, upper superstructure – two ribbon decks – two turner bar decks, upper slitter, FOLDER 2:3:3:2, QTI register control system, QTI cut off control, PLANATOL gluing system, VITS ROTOCUT sheeter, Gammerler KL511 compensating stacker, Rima inline trimming station, Muller Martini FORTE compensating stacker, pressmans control desks, pumped ink system, large selection of spare parts included

Operating hours 43.114


Offline - Inline Finishing Systems


Scheffer Offline Finishing System, 625mm cut off,  Megtec RS5 300-1030-127OLH zero speed paster,  web Guide Unit with QTI Web Guide System,web tensioning unit, angle bar section & slitter unit, four Ribbon

Compensating Unit, remoist gluing unit with plough fold, plough tower with centre slitting and two plough folds, twin cylinder magnetic rotary die cutter, plough tower with wet flap gluer, plough tower, shear

slitting unit with plough fold, rotary cutter unit with TED delivery table, Jet Web Type AA013 Twin-Stream



Global Web Finishing DRIVELINE Offline Finishing System,  (2014), 625mm cut off, Butler 1500 zero speed spicer- paster, 1020 infeed web guide, EKR 1000 web guides, pneumatic nip roller, variable speed draw roller,touch screen control, variable tension station, BAY WINDOW –TURNER BAR STATION 1 web in- four webs out, GWF 1020 portable gluing – UV coating station, flood or spot, magnetic plate cylinder upgrade, motorised circumferential and lateral register, on the run adjustment plate and impression cylinder, quick release doctor tray, recirculating tank and pump, OXYTECH 106 UV curing – drying system,300 metres per minute, 2 lamps,1020 scoring module, 1020 Tri-level plough fold station, 1020 box wrap station, 1020 stationery draw roller station 1020 Tri-level plough fold station, 1020 stationery draw roller station,  1020 stationery draw roller station,  overhead bypass cells, 1020 PRO-CARD rotary die cutter, WPM style, 610 Portable PRE-CUTTER, 1000 2 stream driven Shear Slitting station, GWF 24 610 ROTARY DIE CUTTER, with stream table, slow down stacker


Web Offset Machinery – Accessories


Technotrans FKG  1000 LJ Fount chilling and recirculating units (2001) with fount auto dosing,

Two units Available (Ref 558-559)




Inserting Systems - Wrapping Systems


GMA Powerliner (1998), SLS 2000 control, infeed from system or stand alone,2 x feeders for jacket, product feeders, 7 x insert feeders, NEWSGRIP transport


Schur 855 (2006), standalone inserter, jacket/product feeder, opening station, 5 insert feeder, closing out feed station


Hugo Beck Super 4000 XLM (2004). product feeder, opening station,4 insert feeders, film unwinding station, film sealing station seam and lateral seal, waste film winding station, shingle delivery



Sitma C80 750 (2000), shuttle feeder / product feeder, 8 x 675 product feeders, opening station suction and sword, film unwinding station with pneumatic shafts, film wrapping station with lateral sealing, outfeed belt with reject station, compensating stacker


Rotary Trimming Systems


Ferag UTR –SNT-U System, (2002), UTR transport system, SNT-U trimming station, UTR drop station, Segbert ICE 98 compensating stacker




Polar 137 XT Autotrim (2004),stainless steel air table, IR light barriers, cutting line indication, TFT touch screen, extended air tables left and right, spare knife and tools


Schneider Senator 115H, (2005), TFT colour monitor, touch screen control, frequency controlled back gauge drive, ball race lead screw, IR light barrier – safety curtain , safety bolt – shear pin, stainless steel cutting table with air, side table left with air, optical cutting line indicator, POLAR UNLOADER TR 180 ER1 (2006), POLAR STACK LIFT LK 1000


Folding Machines


Heidelberg Stahl TD 66-6 (1998), round pile feeder, suction wheel, double sheet control, lattice feed board, MCT control,1st Folding unit, 6 buckle plates with swing deflectors, rear mounted slitter shafts, overall noise prevention, VSA-M 66 pressing stack delivery with marking


Heidelberg Stahl TH 56,(2013) AUTOMATIC MACHINE, max sheet size560mm x 1280mm,min sheet size 140mm x 180mm,  RFH round pile continuous feeder, suction wheel, double sheet control, lattice feed board, MCT 2 control, 1st folding station, motor driven adjustment of roller settings, motor driven adjustment of combination buckle plates rear mounted slitter shafts, overhaul noise prevention,2nd folding station 56cm  width motor driven adjustment of roller settings, motor driven adjustment of combination buckle plates, rear mounted slitter shafts, delivery SAK 56 shingle delivery table.


Heidelberg Stahl TI 55 4-4-Z (2001), round pile feeder, suction wheel, double sheet control, lattice feed board, MCT control, 1st Folding station 4 buckle plates with swing deflectors, rear mounted slitter shafts, overall noise prevention, 2nd folding station 4 buckle plates with swing deflectors, rear mounted slitting shafts overall noise prevention 3rd folding station hook on cross fold knife, Delivery VSA 66 pressing stack delivery


MBO K800 4 SKTL (2008), Round pile feeder, vacubelt, double sheet control, lattice feed board,

Vivas, Navigator control, automatic adjustment of folding plates and roller settings 4 stainless steel plates, slitter shaft cassette after parallel fold, cross fold knife, 2nd fold to the right, slitting and perforating shafts prior top knife, overall noise prevention Palamides Alpha 500 delivery


BR Moll Sprint Capacity folding machine (2012),  material thickness 150-500 gsm, min sheet size 215 x 152 mm, mas sheet size 711 x 711 mm, max speed 130m/per minute, Deep pile feeder with suction wheel, double sheet control, forming table with two hot melt applicator heads , Dynatec pre- melter with twin heated hoses, pressing table, shingle delivery


Folding Machine Accessories


Palamides Alpha 700 Plus (2008),infeed station, automatic rejection of waste sheets, pressing station, jogging station, automatic set up, banding station, delivery table


Palamides BA 700 (2000),infeed station, pressing station, jogging station, banding station for up to 3 up production, transport to paternoster delivery table format sizes 1up production 720 x 235mm, 2up production 335 x 235mm, 3 up production, 235 x 235mm


Folding Machine Folding Units Buckle Plate


MBO 2nd Folding Unit, (2000), working width 760mm, roller infeed station with sheet alignment ball rail,4 stainless steel combination buckle plates, overall noise prevention rear mounted slitter shaft



MBO 2nd Folding Unit, (2000), working width 760mm, roller infeed station with sheet alignment ball rail,4 stainless steel combination buckle plates, overall noise prevention rear mounted slitter shafts


H&H 2nd Folding Unit M7, (1997), working width 760mm, roller infeed station with sheet alignment ball rail,4 stainless steel  buckle plates, overall noise prevention rear mounted slitter shafts


MBO 3rd Folding unit, (1990) working width 380mm, roller infeed station with sheet alignment ball rail,2 stainless steel buckle plates, rear mounted slitter shafts


H&H Scoring and Perforating Unit, (1999), working width 760mm, roller infeed station with sheet alignment ball rail, Moll GLU Bind QUADRA Micro Pert Control Unit, scoring and perforating station 3 parallel shafts, overall guarding.


H&H Turnover and Transport Belt, working width 840mm, tape and belts


H&H Transport Belt, working width 840mm, tapes


Folding Machine Knife Folding Units


MBO Z 2 Mobile Knife Unit (1999), max working width 150 x 450mm, max working length 80 x 320mm, mac cycles 12.000 per hour


Saddle Stitchers


Muller Martini 321 (circa 1990), 5 station gathering chain, 2 x twin 1532 feeders, 1529 cover feeder,321 stitching station, 2 x HK 75 stitching heads, 890 three knife trimmer, Sheridan stacker.


Muller Martini 1509 (1986), 6 station gathering chain, 2 x twin 1516 feeders, 1528 cover feeder, 1509 stitching station, 2 x stitching heads, wire unwind stand, 1522 three knife trimmer, shingle belt delivery with integrated batch counter.


Saddle Stitcher Accessories


Bograma BS 450-S (2004), die cutting and punching, max width 450mm, maximum cycles 8.000p/h.

Suitable to run in line with folding machine or saddle stitcher


Perfect Binding


Muller Martini Corona C13 -35 (2006), gathering machine, 3 x universal bases, 6 x 3681 signature feeders,6 x Stream / log feeders 3738, 1 x  Log / Bundle clamp 227, Log / Bundle loading system, ASIR II automatic signature recognition, ASAC automatic self-adjusting calliper, pumps included, set up element, reject gate for incomplete products 3714 with escape belt, intermediate elements 3643,3643,3646, jogging and alignment stations, Corona C13 binder, number of clamps 35, Commander, main mining station, 1st spine preparation station unit, 2nd spine preparation unit,3rd spine preparation unit, excluding dust extraction , machine was connected to a central system, base for 1st spine gluing station, base for spine gluing station, exchangeable side gluing station, exchangeable spine gluing station disc type, Pre-melter for side gluing station Muller Martini 160 ICS, Pre-melter for spine gluing station Muller Martini C30,stream cover feeder, scoring station, rotary cover applicator, 1st nipping and pressing station, 2nd nipping and pressing station, lay down device, QUAKO delivery 3621, book measuring table, cooling/ conveyor system circa 65 metres, Muller Martini Zenith S 3672 three knife trimmer, infeed from the left, exchangeable cutting tables (standard set), knife changing device, 2 sets of knives, Muller Martini book stacker 3681, delivery left and right, Muller Martini film wrapping machine 6257 infeed from the left, transport belt to Muller Martini heat tunnel, Delivery to Muller Martini Cohiba palletiser


Muller Martini Pantera (2008), automatic setup,  spine preparation , rotary cover feeder, pressing station, hot melt spine and side gluing, PUR system,16 station gatherer 1571,ASIR 3, hand feeding station, hand feeding station, conveyor system to Muller Martini Merit S (2002), cutting tables, knife setting jig, Stacker Muller Martini Uno 3000


Muller Martini PANDA (1996), 12 station gatherer 1531, hand feeding station, infeed to binder PANDA 9 clamp binder, spine preparation, hot melt side gluing station, hot melt spine gluing station, pile cover feeder, four way scoring station, cover pressing station , delivery , delivery conveyors


Prontotec PBA 2000 (2013), hand feeding station, 4 clamps, touch screen control, milling and knotting station, Hot melt spine and side gluing station, FACTORY REFURBISHED 12 months Warranty.


Hard Cover Production


Casing In Machines


PT 600 Casing Inn System (2013), automatic book block feeder, automatic cover feeder, automatic spine heating device, automatic casing in and book block gluing, automatic book delivery, fully automatic format change, easy band head and tail band station, connection to pressing unit, Easy Press pressing station, thin book attachment, MCS control, TCS System FACTORY REFURBISHED 12 months warranty



End Papering Machines


Hunkler VEA 520 (1984), end sheet tipping inserting machine, cold glue with pumping system from bottle



Three Knife Trimmers


Horizon HT30 (2003) Automatic change over, touch screen control, pile feeder, max size untrimmed 320x235mm, Min size untrimmed 305 x 230 max size trimmed 305 x 230mm, min size trimmed, 300 x 134mm,max thickness 51mm, max cycles 200 per hour



Muller Martini Frontero 3674 (2006), three knife trimmer for the trimming of perfect bound books with 6pp cover, knife setting jig, two set of knives


Compensating Stackers


Muller Martini Newsstack, (2002), infeed from Muller Martini drop station, NEWSGRIP transport system,

B&R touch screen control, Control station, underwrapper, SchneiderE3000 strapper, 90 degree turn station, Schneider E300 strapper


Rima RS 3111 SL (1999), infeed station with jogging belts, pressing station with non-marking belts, incline conveyor, alignment chamber, movable central control panel, outfeed table with air blast



Film Wrappers


Muller Martini 6524 (2006).PLC program, Controlled precise film feed, electronically controlled intermittent pulse action sealing, pneumatically controlled cutting knife, out feed to

Trent pack oven



Laminating Machines


D&K PROTUES (2006), Fully Automatic, Deep Pile Feeder, Thermal Laminator, In-Line Slitting, Separator, Jogger Delivery Table


Lamtex TI 76 Thermal Laminating Machine (2008), max sheet size 740 x 520mm, max speed 60m/per minute, HTB tornado stream feeder, suction feed board, thermal single sided laminating station, sheeting station, jogging stack delivery, tool temp heating temperature control unit, 1 x vacuum pump


Coating Machinery


Steinemann Colibri 74 (2006), mabeg stream feeder, varnishing unit, UV drying station, air knife, strip coating, central control, touch screen control, heated calendar


Spiral Binding Machinery


Bielomatik/ BW Paper Systems Spiral Binding Machine. Machine can produce ¼” – ¾” double wire

 3/8”, 7/16”, 5/8”, and ¾” turn tunnel, ¼”, 3/8”, 7/16”, ½”, 9/16”, 5/8” rails

  1 set of 2:1 dies and 1 set of 3:1 dies Spiral wire section, – can produce 5mm – 30mm Only selling 200 pitch – 5mm / 6mm / 10mm tooling, 250 pitch – 10mm / 12mm / 15mm / 16mm / 18mm / 20mm tooling,  312 pitch – 18mm / 20mm / 30mm, cutting tools for 200 pitch / 250 pitch / 312 pitch,  200 pitch dies / 3 sets of 250 pitch dies / 2 sets of 312 dies ,Cover turning and hand feed stations



Machinery – Plant - Accessories


Compair L90 Rotary Screw Compressor (circa 2005) Delcos 3100 control, 400 volts 3 phase 50HZ

(REF 560)



Worthington Cressend Rollair 100 V Rotary Screw Compressor (circa 2000), rotary compressor

(Ref 561)








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