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Hohner HSB 10000 Saddle Stitcher, (2009),8 station gathering chain, cover feeder (horizontal) with scoring station, 5 x vertical feeders, 1 x flat pile feeder, stitching station with 2 standard stitching heads, sheet monitoring, transfer to three knife trimmer, shingle belt delivery, Semi – Automatic Change Over. including 2 x vacuum pumps

Price Loaded £28.750.00 Cleaned and Checked



Josef Muller, HF 33 S Stitching Machine,(1997), HF 33C, hand feeding station, 2 x Hohner stitching heads, three knife trimming station, delivery belt, stitcher  for small products


Hohner Exact Plus Stitching Machine Standard stitching and loop stitching or mixed applications.
The difference between this machine and conventional saddle binders is the ability to gather and stitch unusual formats or paper weights. Highest efficiency with up to 4000 cycles per hour. Gentle brochure transportation via double carriers to prevent damage to the product. Can be equipped with up to 4 Universal 43/6 narrow stitching heads. Fast conversion to “staggered stitch” production .High amount of flexibility for small runs and samplestitching, as well as oversized formats Brochure format (spine x head/tail): 100 x 80 mm to 430 x 340 mm



Nagel Foldnak 80 + Trimmer 100 (2014) Equipped with Nagel FK 80 Rapid stitcher, Nagel Trimmer 100 and Nagel delivery belt




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