Casing In Machines


CMC Q Case (1997), casing in machine for books, agendas, photo albums, photo books, manual book block feeding maximum format 500 x 420mm, Minimum format 100 x 120 mm, book thickness 2-80mm


Kobus DA 36 Case Maker (1980),board stacking unit, case making machine, turning in, cover pressing, delivery belt, heated glue tank, max case size 405 x 580 mm. min case size 100 x 155mm, centre piece 8-80mm


Kolbus KE (1984) Small Format Casing Inn Machine, hand feeding station, gluing station, casing inn rollers, out feed, small format pressing machine stand alone


DGR EO1 & FO3 Casing Inn System,(2001) , in-feed, case magazine, glue-tanks and glue-rollers, paternoster system, pressing device and connected with DGR joint grooving F03 machine, in-feed
 forming tools, press plates, heating adjustable, delivery


PT 600 Casing Inn System  automatic book block feeder, automatic cover feeder, automatic spine heating device, automatic casing in and book block gluing, automatic book delivery, fully automatic format change, easy band head and tail band station, connection to pressing unit, Easy Press pressing station, thin book attachment, MCS control, TCS System FACTORY REFURBISHED 12 months warranty





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