Perfect binding equipment

Wohlenberg City Binder (1999), single clamp binder, book block  infeed with light barrier, spine preparation, hot melt spine and side gluing, suction cover feeder with 4 way scoring, pressing station, delivery

(Ref 756)


Prontotec PBA 2000 (2013), hand feeding station, 4 clamps, touch screen control, milling and knotting station, Hot melt spine and side gluing station, FACTORY REFURBISHED 12 months Warranty.

(Ref 606)


Muller Martini Pantera (2008), automatic setup,  spine preparation , rotary cover feeder, pressing station, hot melt spine and side gluing, PUR system,16 station gatherer 1571,ASIR 3, hand feeding station, hand feeding station, conveyor system to Muller Martini Merit S (2002), cutting tables, knife setting jig, Stacker Muller Martini Uno 3000

(Ref 574)




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