Perfect binding equipment

Wohlenberg City Binder (1999), single clamp binder, book block  infeed with light barrier, spine preparation, hot melt spine and side gluing, suction cover feeder with 4 way scoring, pressing station, delivery

(Ref 756)


Prontotec PBA 2000 (2013), hand feeding station, 4 clamps, touch screen control, milling and knotting station, Hot melt spine and side gluing station, FACTORY REFURBISHED 12 months Warranty.

(Ref 606)


Muller Martini Pantera (2008), automatic setup,  spine preparation , rotary cover feeder, pressing station, hot melt spine and side gluing, PUR system,16 station gatherer 1571,ASIR 3, hand feeding station, hand feeding station, conveyor system to Muller Martini Merit S (2002), cutting tables, knife setting jig, Stacker Muller Martini Uno 3000

(Ref 574)


Muller Martini Frontero 3674 (2006), three knife trimmer for the trimming of perfect bound books with 6pp cover, knife setting jig, two set of knives

(Ref 573)




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