Perfect binding equipment

Muller Martini Corona C13 -35 (2006), gathering machine, 3 x universal bases, 6 x 3681 signature feeders,6 x Stream / log feeders 3738, 1 x  Log / Bundle clamp 227, Log / Bundle loading system, ASIR II automatic signature recognition, ASAC automatic self-adjusting calliper, pumps included, set up element, reject gate for incomplete products 3714 with escape belt, intermediate elements 3643,3643,3646, jogging and alignment stations, Corona C13 binder, number of clamps 35, Commander, main mining station, 1st spine preparation station unit, 2nd spine preparation unit,3rd spine preparation unit, excluding dust extraction , machine was connected to a central system, base for 1st spine gluing station, base for spine gluing station, exchangeable side gluing station, exchangeable spine gluing station disc type, Pre-melter for side gluing station Muller Martini 160 ICS, Pre-melter for spine gluing station Muller Martini C30,stream cover feeder, scoring station, rotary cover applicator, 1st nipping and pressing station, 2nd nipping and pressing station, lay down device, QUAKO delivery 3621, book measuring table, cooling/ conveyor system circa 65 metres, Muller Martini Zenith S 3672 three knife trimmer, infeed from the left, exchangeable cutting tables (standard set), knife changing device, 2 sets of knives, Muller Martini book stacker 3681, delivery left and right, Muller Martini film wrapping machine 6257 infeed from the left, transport belt to Muller Martini heat tunnel, Delivery to Muller Martini Cohiba palletiser

(Ref 616)



Prontotec PBA 2000 (2013), hand feeding station, 4 clamps, touch screen control, milling and knotting station, Hot melt spine and side gluing station, FACTORY REFURBISHED 12 months Warranty.

(Ref 606)


Muller Martini Pantera (2008), automatic setup,  spine preparation , rotary cover feeder, pressing station, hot melt spine and side gluing, PUR system,16 station gatherer 1571,ASIR 3, hand feeding station, hand feeding station, conveyor system to Muller Martini Merit S (2002), cutting tables, knife setting jig, Stacker Muller Martini Uno 3000

(Ref 574)


Muller Martini Frontero 3674 (2006), three knife trimmer for the trimming of perfect bound books with 6pp cover, knife setting jig, two set of knives

(Ref 573)


Horizon HT30 (2003) Automatic change over, touch screen control,pile feeder, max size untrimmed 320x235mm, Min size untrimmed 305 x 230 max size trimmed 305 x 230mm, min size trimmed, 300 x 134mm,max thickness 51mm, max cycles 200 per hour


(Ref 580)

Kolbus KM 473 (2005), 21 station ZU 841 A gatherer, Opiti control signature recognition, 18 stream feeders, book block feeder, ZA 841, signature delivery, CoPilot control, infeed to binder, jogging station, spine preparation EVA – Hotmelt side gluing station, EVA- Hotmelt spine gluing station, Gauzing station, stream cover feeder, IR Drying, twin cover pressing, lay down delivery, conveyor system including drying tower, Kolbus HD150 B three knife trimmer, Rima XRS 13o Book Stacker/

(Ref 576)





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