Prontotec’s range of solutions for the today’s digital printers  and bookbinders offers the complete flexibility from semi-automatic machines to a fully automatic systems.

  • Digital Folding Machines
  • Creasing Solutions
  • HELIX EVOLUTION Offline manual feeding solution for sewing machines

Binding Solutions

  • PBA 100 Perfect binding entry level
  • PBA 200 Perfect binder professional level
  • PBA 500 Perfect binder for book blocks
  • PBA 600 Perfect binder for softcover solutions

Hard Cover Solutions

  • PRONTO End papering machine
  • PT Casing inn machines
  • Hand and Tail banding machines
  • PRONTOTEC case makers and box making machines
  • Ribbon inserting machines manual and Semi- Automatic machines
  • ELASTIC band inserting machines for journal production





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