Sheet fed presses

Eight Colour Machines


Heidelberg XL 106 8 P 18K (2014),with cuttstar, Combistar, Filterstar, Powderstar AP 500 Duo, Cleanstar, Airstar, Staticstar, Wallscreen hardware, Autoplate Xl, Inpress control with 2 bar measuring bars. (Ref 594) Available Oct- 2019


Six Colour Machines



Roland R 306 PP HOB (1996), 500mm x 740mm with CCI (SSD & Flash Memory), Rolandmatic damping, Technotrans refrigeration and recirculation, QAPC (Quick action plate clamps), CARTON DEVICE, Auto Blanket Washers, CIP3 prepared, Weko Wekotron Powder Spray, IVTV IR Dryer, Steel Plate in Feeder & Delivery, High Pile Delivery, Perfecting (6 + 0 : 1 + 5 : 2 + 4)

(Ref 598)


Five Colour Machines


Ryobi 525H XXP (2004). 365 x 520mm, PSC-H, Ryobimatics, Royce refrigeration and recirculation, SAPC, powder spray, ACC blanket and roller wash, Operator panel on delivery (Ref 602)




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