Four Colour Machines


KBA Rapida 74-4+L ALV1 (2003), 520 x 740mm, With Colortronic control console, Varidamp, Baldwin refrigeration & recirculation, Semi automatic plate change (PWHA), Automatic Ink Rollers & Blanket Washing-Ups, Coating unit  with chamber doctor blade system, Ionization (Kersten), Powder spray Weko AP 260, Extended delivery 936mm, Grafix IR dryer, Steel Plate in Feeder & Delivery

(Ref 623)

Ryobi 524H (1996),365mm x520mm, With PCS off Press Controls, Ryobimatic Dampening, ECO 25 refrigeration & recirculation, Quick action plate clamps, Powder Spray

(Ref 559)


Two Colour Machines


Heidelberg MOZPS (1996), With VARN KOMPAC III dampening , Stream Feeder, Standard plate clamps, Weko powder spray, Sheet Decurler, Low pile delivery, Plus Version, Perfecting (2 + 0 : 1 + 1)

(Ref 601)

One Colour Machines

Sakurai Oliver 66 (1986), stream feeder, standard conventional cloth dampening, power spray device, gearing for numbering and perforating.

(Ref 592)




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