Sheet fed presses

12 Colour Machines

Heidelberg XL 105 12 P Cuttstar (2008),CP2000 TFT Screen, Preset Plus feeder, Preset Plus Delivery, Autoplate, Alcolor Vario, Technotrans refrigeration, Ink Temperature Control, Auto Ink roller wash, Auto Blanket Wash, Auto Impression Cylinder Wash, Non-stop feeder & delivery, Diagonal Register, Powder Spray, InkLine, Water Cooled Cabinets,


6 Colour Machines




Ryobi 525H XXP (2004). 365 x 520mm, PSC-H, Ryobimatics, Royce refrigeration and recirculation, SAPC, powder spray, ACC blanket and roller wash, Operator panel on delivery (Ref 602)

Hans Grohi GH525 (2014), 370x520mm, With Off Press Controls, Plate Cocking, Hans Gronhi Continuous Dampening, X-Rite EasyTrax Scanning Spectrophotometer, On-Line Densitometer, Beierxin Refrigeration & Recirculation, Chilling Unit, Semi-Autoplate Change, Vacuum Belt Stream Feeder, Swing Arm, Remote Touch Screen, Sheet Decurler, Powder Spray




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